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What does FiinConnex offer you?

FiinConnex network analytics and data enrichment technology offers efficient and powerful ways to conduct checks on persons and enterprises.

This technology is applied on company registry datasets and stock exchange disclosures to create tools that aid the discovery of potential customers, beneficial ownerships and conflicts of interests. Our tools are particularly useful for prospecting, client on-boarding, background and due diligence checks and research as well as a sufficient risk management tool.

FiinConnex key features

Why should they use FiinConnex?

Radial Map

Instant visual insights about people and company connections

Radial Maps are interactive visual maps to extract and analyse connections between people and companies. Users can select entities and relationships in a map, and conveniently drill down for more information. Analysis can also be deepened conveniently by expanding on entities to show the next layer of connections.

The information in Radial Maps can be saved and exported both as high-resolution images and data spreadsheets

Why should they use FiinConnex?

Interconnection Map

Identify cross-connections, clusters and syndicates

Interconnection Maps identify how people and companies could be connected directly or through intermediate connections. They answer the question: “How are these people and companies connected?”

The degree of separation may also be adjusted by a user to show less or more indirect paths.

Why should they use FiinConnex?

Beneficial Ownership Map

A convenient and safe way to conduct ownership checks

Map out the ultimate shareholders of a company through intermediate connections and interests. The map shows a company’s beneficial owners, through every layer of shareholding, and presents the information in a visual hierarchy map.

Why should they use FiinConnex?

Investee Companies Search

Fastest way to discover a person’s or company’s ownership interests

It is the perfect complement to our widely used Legal Beneficial Ownership (LBO) Search. While the LBO search uncovers the layers of beneficial ownership behind a company, Investee Companies Search reveals all ownership interests that a person or company holds.

Why should they use FiinConnex?

Entity Profile Report

A quick overview of your business partners at the time of on-boarding

Gain basic information and key financial data of the latest fiscal year end and actionable insights about a subject entity. This report is generated as a PDF document for intuitive reading.

The report includes:

  • Company profile
  • Ownership structure
  • Key financials

Plan & Pricing

We offer prepaid packages and unlimited usage packages to suit your needs as well. To explore plans and pricing, please contact us for more details.

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