Business Information Services

Business Information, which is one of FiinGroup's main business divisions, specializes in providing a one-stop source for business information in Vietnam.

Particularly, we offer portal-based products and services built on an aggregated database of almost all companies registered in Vietnam, from technology-based to insightful reports, to feed accurate, reliable and timely information and in-depth analytics to assist you in making well-informed decision.

Our local business insights and unique understanding of companies will help you assess and monitor your business partners to mitigate possible risks arising from an emerging market.

Apart from contribution to improving transparency of business information, we also aim to enhance your confidence to invest and trade in Vietnam.

Services We Offer

With Corporate Database integrated advanced technology infrastructure, we utilize most up-to-date business information to facilitate different types of Business Information reports, products and Data Solutions to meet your specific requirements, which help you to protect and grow the most valuable business relationships and reduce the exposure to risks.

Our products and services enable you to determine a corporation’s management, financial stability, payment performance and creditworthiness.

Business information reports

FiinGroup’s Business information Reports are available in 6 different types depending on the comprehensiveness of information to be collected and assessed, including:

  • Profile Report
  • Company Factsheet
  • Credit Report
  • Standard Research Report
  • Comprehensive Research Report
  • International Company Report

Data Analytics & Research Services

  • Target Screening
  • Management Background Check
  • Business Due Diligence
  • Business Information Datafeed

What is Business Information Report?

A Business Information Report provides detailed information about a subject company, including company profile, ownership structure, management background, historical details, financial statements, rating and scoring, industry benchmarking and related business information

We collect data from various legal sources and from enterprises directly. FiinGroup operates as an information vendor for Vietnam Agency for Business Registration. We process and analyse data of over 1 million registered enterprises of all types in Vietnam.

We differentiate our Business Information Report products by maintaining a comprehensive database, robust analyzing and local insights added to the report contents.

Our Business Report Package

We offer five (5) types of very standardized Business Reports meeting specific operation requirements:


Quick-service Reports:

  • Profile Report
  • Company Factsheet
  • Credit Report

Quick-service reports provide following information about a subject company:

We maintain a large Data Analyst Team and apply advanced technologies to producing quick-service reports with turn-around time within 24 hours maximum, except for Credit reports which are subject to availability of rating results from our Credit Rating Partners including CIC.

Those reports aim to provide a quick overview of your business partners at the time of on-boarding.

To view a sample report, please click here.

Standard Research Report

Unlike our quick-service reports which are more factual plus analytics and scoring, Standard Research Reports contain an intermediate level of analysis and commentaries as local insights. It provides more in-depth information on a company’s business activities, including list of business partners, production capacity, etc.

Analysis of a company’s position, industry benchmarking, financial health is also included in the report, especially information about Litigation & Negative news, Tax filing status and so on.

Compiled through desk research, Corporate Database, telephone interviews, and basic analytics of our experienced analysts, Standard Research Report can be immediately available by our systems for delivery or it has a turn-around time of 3-5 business days.

Standard Company Report service is designed to aim at providing a more detailed overview of your business partners.

To view a sample report, please click here.

Comprehensive Research Report

Comprehensive Research Report is very detailed report which contains insightful research and information collection and commentaries conducted on the subject company.

The Report provides a comprehensive look into a company’s performance by taking into account the analysis of relevant industry similar to Standard Research. Besides, the report also includes credit rating from CIC.

Prepared through desk research, Corporate Database, telephonic interview (if necessary), and in-depth analytics of analysts, Comprehensive Research Report has turn-around time of 5-7 business days and aims to provide an intensive assessment of your business partners.

To view a sample report, please click here.

Our Customers

We are serving hundreds of local and foreign companies and institutions for their risk operations, counter-party risk management, and business planning. Below is a selection of clients.